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Our Story

We help our clients engage the audience through cleverly crafted content

A multi-award-winning content production company, we pride ourselves in making great content, no matter the subject, scope, budget, or location.


A small and nimble team, we bring together years of media experience (we’ve been around long before wearing denim-on-denim became ‘a thing’), including an in-depth understanding of the radio industry. 


We have a deep-seated passion for producing content that aims to make a difference in people’s lives. We love a challenge, so no matter what the brief, we’ll always aim to make the ordinary extraordinary. 

For us, working with clients isn’t about endless conference calls, cafe meetings over a single origin almond latte, sharing photos of ‘our company dog’, or thrashing out wild and crazy ideas over a game of table tennis. No, for us it’s purely and simply about understanding the message that needs to be conveyed, who needs to get that message, and the best way to convey it – whether it be radio, TV, or online.


We like to build relationships with our clients, with our media partners across the country, and with audiences in all demographics.


It’s these qualities that make us more than ‘just another production company’.

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Carers Australia

What’s good about working with Media Heads is the simplicity - we know we’re in safe hands and we know that they understand what we need. We also know the quality they can deliver and it just makes our life easier. Radio is really important for us, because of the breadth of people it can reach and we’re really pleased with the coverage Media Heads gets for us.